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“Transformational Engineering Services”

At Celenium we are Systems Analysts, Engineers and Architects solving high risk, high impact, high visibility, mission critical complex problems.

We are passionate to work on applications of cutting-edge technologies and projects of national interest.

Technology Observation

Innovations in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are forcing enterprise and government to change their mode of operation and the business support infrastructure. Advanced wireless communications, intelligent software, increased hardware resource density, the internet, and mobility have opened new degrees of freedom and created endless use cases, yet opened the doors for a plethora of security threats.

Software Defined anything (SDx), virtualizations, commodity x86 hardware, coupled with 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, other wireless protocols, and the cloud have created Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networks (SDN) including SD-WAN, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS, Anything as a Service (XaaS), Intenet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Everything (IoE), Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Robotics, UAV, connected homes, and Smart Cars. All adding up in creating the future Smart Cities.

The resulting ecosystem is complex, driving needs for simplification, automation, centralized management, visibility, SLA performance monitoring, analytics, and tighter security measures.

Your Challenge

How to manage technology changes?

"How can my business, within a reasonable budget and time, navigate a complex path to enable communication network systems and IT modernization, while freeing my resources to focus on core business operations, innovation, and growth, in a competitive market?"


We Can Help You!

Celenium's mission is to expedite customer’s path to success, and increase operational efficiency by saving you time and cost with %95+ accuracy in frontend engineering of Information Communication Technology modernization, through our vetted and strong Systems Engineering & Solution Architecture expertise and process.


Endorsements to Celenium Principal

Ahmad has always proactively initiated, led, and coordinated both his efforts and the efforts of others to deliver on-time, high quality front-end results that exceeded commitments for Lucent.

Jerry Rog ,Technical Commodity Manager at Alcatel-Lucent

His work leading the Lucent Performance Cross Functional Team (CFT) and all associated activities were highly acknowledged by his peers and by management across multiple departments.

Jerry Rog ,Technical Commodity Manager at Alcatel-Lucent

Ahmad was solicited for several Technical, Front-end processes, and cross departments improvement projects during his time at Lucent. He was a very strong team player with leadership roles on multiple CFTs.

Jerry Rog ,Technical Commodity Manager at Alcatel-Lucent

Ahmad always delivered features requirements on schedule with high quality. Ahmad’s dedication to detail and accuracy greatly minimized development confusion. He was frequently sought after by his peers to moderate technical meetings.

Jerry Rog ,Technical Commodity Manager at Alcatel-Lucent

He was the key player in many multi-vendor discussions where he was shaping the technical requirements, guiding the vendors while referring to the 3GPP specifications that he knows very well.

Sameh Naguib, LTE/EPC SME and Team Lead Alcatel-Lucent

He eventually wrote a standard grade technical specifications document that was used by different organizations within Sprint and its vendors as

the CSFB reference.

Sameh Naguib, LTE/EPC SME and Team Lead Alcatel-Lucent

Ahmad worked for me for about a year and assisted in the deployment of our PCRF platform. His unparalleled attention to detail and willingness to do any task were instrumental in the success of the project.

Chris Burke, Manager, Applications Planning & Engineering Cricket Communications

His work on the front end development was key to that aspect of the overall success of the eCSFB program. This program changed the way voice calls are signaled to the CDMA phones, via the LTE radio channel.

Phil Kopp, Director - Network Development at Sprint

Ahmad is extremely professional, detail-oriented, and has a very positive reputation both within and outside of Sprint.

I very much recommend him...

Terry Nebergal, Manager, Data Network Authentication & Roaming

I have had the pleasure of working with Ahmad for the last few years. He is a talented and thorough engineer who can make the most complicated concepts appear simple.

Tom Kolletis, Product Manager at Call One

He is a customer-focused and detail-oriented engineer. He possesses strong skills in designing and integration testing of wireless core; he works very hard to deliver a quality product on-time.

Akbar Aman, Network Design Engineer at Sprint

He developed excellent design documents and presented them to different teams, he also prepared MOPs and configuration files. He supported his team members well and provided training to new members.

Akbar Aman, Network Design Engineer at Sprint

He was very detail oriented, documented his work carefully, thoroughly, and in a very understandable fashion. He was easy to work with, and people sought him out for his expertise.

Jim Hoch, Director, Wireless Platform Development at Lucent Technologies

He has a rare combination of advanced education (PhD) and an ability to communicate with people at all levels. His engineering talents in electrical (as opposed to electronic) engineering and LabVIEW software development were very strong.

Steven Vetter, CEO Computer Solutions, Inc

He put immense efforts in development of eCSFB technical documentation for Sprint which was the main reference point for us to finish the Sprint eCSFB project successfully.

Priyadarshini Gore, Alcatel-Lucent, 4G LTE Subject Matter Expert

Along with his excellent technical skills and management skills, he kept great camaraderie with all the Sprint vendors and has helped many Engineers in the Organization to get a deeper understanding of LTE Network Elements ...

Priyadarshini Gore, Alcatel-Lucent, 4G LTE Subject Matter Expert


Celenium offers frontend engineering services in information communication technology, with core strength in wireless communication network systems transformation and application to missions. Our backgournd enables us conducting innovative Research and Development.


We are equipped with technology and engineering expertise to help customers realize the full value of their investments, and increase their revenue generation potential. Our SME have been subcontracted in key communication network systems development and engineering.


Celenium and business partners form a pragmatic think-tank and a collaborative powerhouse providing a framework for solution support that addresses Government Agencies mission critical needs, lowers CAPEX and OPEX, offers performance, quality and accountability.


Celenium is actively seeking experienced professionals with proven record of achievements in business growth and innovations. In addition, we are looking for student and recent graduates who are willing to take challenges from day one.