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Synopsis on our Engineering

Celenium SME have been the solution developer, in the subcontractors chain to service providers, of key 4G/LTE EPC network development projects.

Sprint: DIAMETER Signaling System

Challenge: The customer requires the DIAMETER signaling network to support LTE Inbound and Outbound roaming, with national and international business partners, as well as an inbound roaming scenario through 3G eHRPD access.

Sprint: 3G to 4G/LTE Network Transformation

Challenge: The end user is a national Tier 1 wireless service provider deploying 4G/LTE throughout the continental USA. Voice and ancillary services are a must for LTE users. However, the initial deployment support data only over LTE.

Cricket: PCRF Deployment

Challenge: The customer is a Tier 2 Wireless service provider is phasing out its Broadband Mass Merchant (BBMM) charging system to 3GPP Policy Control and Charging (PCC) architecture, in its plans for 4G LTE migration.

SD-WAN Service Introduction

Challenge: Capture new markets, and increase profit margins by offering SD-WAN services to address enterprise shift towards cloud services, mobile workforce with an ever-increasing bandwidth demand, by incorporating low-cost, secure, resilient and centrally managed hybrid WAN.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Challenge: The demand on company services is doubling. PoPs are being added to improve network latencies. However, the IT infrastructure ability to support business growth lacks the agility to quickly respond, fragmented infrastructure resources become more complex to manage by a small IT staff.

Last Mile
Fixed Wireless PoC

Challenge: The internet access is a present days essential. Businesses in rural areas starve for high-speeds, but it is typically out of reach since service providers can't justify a business case to run fiber everywhere. Fixed wireless provides a cost-effective option to establish the link, and creates revenue opportunities in the often overlooked rural businesses.

Frequency Coordination Services

Celenium has been awarded a contract for the Illinois State Tollway to deliver Frequency Protection Services (FPS). We offer cost-effective, high-quality frequency coordination services for point-to-point microwave communications. Our services include interference analysis, prior coordination and licensing across all licensed microwave bands.

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