DIAMETER Signaling System

Signaling is a Control Plane mechanism required between Core Network Elements (NE) to setup communication channels for user traffic. Once a user is authenticated, access is authorized and funds are available for service, the traffic path is established and the user can use the network resources. The support of growing users demands, of high speed mobile services, requires as Signaling system that connects a large number of network elements, nationwide.

The DIAMETER Routing Agent (DRA) functions as the nerve center between clients and servers for DIAMETER Signaling in the Evolved Packet Core (EPC). It supports multiple access technologies including the 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE), 3G eHRPD, as well as provide the same capabilities for the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS).


Since the LTE spectrum is limited, wireless service providers are partnering to extend their LTE coverage. The Customer requires the DIAMETER signaling network to support LTE Inbound and Outbound roaming, with national and international business partners, as well as an inbound roaming scenario through 3G eHRPD access.

CeleniumSM subject matter expert started by presenting Use Cases in the form of Call Scenarios, to align parties on signaling flow and expected message exchange contents. Thereafter, Inbound and Outbound roaming DIAMETER Signaling Solution Architectures and Engineering Designs for multiple business partners were developed.

The Customer Edge DRAs were established, using Oracle (Tekelec) DSR platform, as the demarcation point between the Service Provider networks. The solution spanned DIAMETER S6a, S6b, STa, SWx, and Gx Applications.
Solution prototypes were implemented in Network Readiness Test labs, with the roaming partners. Test cases were developed and interoperability testing was conducted to validate the solution using the Customer’s RAN vendors’ EPC. DRA Mediation configurations were designed to modify or add 3GPP Charging Characteristic AVP to support charging requirements for billing. Then MoPs were authored to implement roaming solutions in production.

Our on-site DRA SME provided Customer engineers, RAN OEMs, and Ericsson Management System personnel with real-time network analysis, troubleshooting and issues resolution in lab and in production for the DIAMETER signaling system.