Cricket: PCRF Deployment in Migration to 3GPP PCC

Challenge: Improve service monetization, and prepare for 4G/LTE migration by adopting 3GPP Policy Control and Charging (PCC) architecture.

Background: A Tier 2 Wireless service provider is phasing out its Broadband Mass Merchant (BBMM) charging system to 3GPP Policy Control and Charging (PCC) architecture, in its plans for 4G LTE migration.

Solution: CeleniumSM lead interoperability testing of OpenNet OCS and PCRF into Customer’s EPC, examined results and provided compliance readout. During the assignment, he architected and designed a load balance solution that acts as a frontend to the PCRF server pool, using BIG-IP F5 hardware.

Serving as the Customer liaison between internal teams and vendors, our SME reviewed and developed test requirements as well as solutions to support migration plans. Then implemented the approved architecture by installing and integrating PCRF nodes, SAN, configuring Brocade Fiber Channel switches and F5 load balancers in the Customer’s production data centers.

To complete the project, he authored the network design and as-built documents, as well as supporting the cutover of the PCRF in production.