SD-WAN Service Introduction

Challenge: Capture new markets and increase profit margins by offering SD-WAN services to address enterprise shift towards cloud services, mobile workforce with an ever-increasing bandwidth demand, by incorporating low-cost, secure, resilient and centrally managed hybrid WAN.

Solution: As a Network Systems Architect, our SME helped the employing company identify the superior technical solution, obtain deeper discounts and better payment terms, by providing technical leadership and navigating the process of vendor selection. Through the understanding of industry trends in virtualization, SDx, open APIs, management simplification, automation, and big data analytics he authored an encompassing RFP that raised the bar in search for a carrier-grade SD-WAN supplier that would not lock the company into proprietary HW or interfaces. He managed vendors through the bid evaluation, ran feasibility analysis, supported remote and onsite PoC, and develop evaluation matrix with team input through final recommendation.