5G-Readiness Test and Verification

CELENIUM offers 5G-readiness prototyping, test and verification services in verticals and use cases that include IoT, robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, AR/VR, smart cities, healthcare, utilities, retail, telematics, warehousing, energy, farming, automation, education, and others.

CELENIUM manages Hub88 incubator lab where testing is to be carried out on 5G-ready carrier-grade private network based on Nokia technology. The private network lab provides minimum latency and maximum performance. Thus, enabling 5G Main Use Cases: eMBB, mMTC, URLLC. The indoor setup supports multiple 3GPP and unlicensed frequencies in both FDD and TDD technologies.

5G and 4G Lab Network Equipment

The outdoor lab provides open pit and fixed wireless testing, 360° coverage with 3 sectors, 3x20MHz carriers each, seamless handovers, 2×2 MIMO BTS, UL and DL carrier aggregation, DL256QAM and UL64QAM. It supports TDD 3550-3590, 3650-3700, 3550-3700 MHz, 2.4 GHz, and MulteFire. mmWave options are planned. 

Outdoor Lab Test Space

For prototyping and test purposes, the lab facility offers users the ability to access their private or public cloud or bring their own servers for local connectivity to the lab network. The device under test connects to the lab network via a network card that supports CBRS band 48. This could be done through a CPE, a dongle, or a built-in network card. The lab provides users with the SIM card required to access the lab network.

Communication Lab Network Diagram

Your path to innovation is a 4-steps process:

  • Sign up: Provide company information, description of your use cases, test requirements, as well as space and setup diagrams.
  • BYOD: Bring the device to be tested, as well as your private server, if required for development and testing.
  • Provision: CELENIUM engineer provisions the SIM card, and connects your private server (option)
  • Connect: CELENIUM engineer performs the required configuration, verifies connectivity, and you are able to access the lab resources


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