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CELENIUM provides professional services in wireless communication network systems and their applications, spanning solutions architecture for digital transformation to 5G-readiness test & verification. We deliver the due diligence to help you manage changes, reduce risks, save costs, navigate options, simplify solution, preserve the know-how, and monetize services for your business profitability, while you focus on core business operation and efficiencies


Systems analysis, use case and technical requirements (RFI/RFP) development


Solution Architecture and Systems Engineering design documents & test plans


Solution prototyping, interoperability and performance evaluation


Indoor and outdoor test and verifications on carrier-grade 5G-ready private network


Production configuration development and deployment


Programmatic support, vendor management, feasibility, gap and risk analysis


Our present service concentrations can be grouped into 1) 5G-Readiness Test and Verification, 2) Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and 3) Communication Infrastructure modernization. This portfolio lists some case studies to demonstrate our frontend engineering, but is not a limitation to the use cases we can address. 

5G-Readiness Test and Verification

Connected Vehicles – Fleet Telematics

Smart IoT for Water & Flood Monitoring

Roads Mobile Weather Monitoring

Sprint 3G to 4G Network Transformation

Sprint Roaming DIAMETER Signaling

SD-WAN Service Introduction

Datacenter HCI Modernization

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Meet the Founder


Ahmad Sultan

CEO & Founder

CELENIUM has been established as a result of the challenges one experienced due to offshoring in our industry sector. The uncertainties in the workplace and layoffs, questioned the corporate business order we are living in. The premise behind CELENIUM is to create a business model that provides “Quality of Work-life” to attract and retain top local talents, as well as use our collective brainpower and resources to create social and economic growth in our own backyards.

The one thing that we do best and perfected at CELENIUM is “frontend engineering”. We do engineering the way it should be.

Our focus is provide the engineering required to deliver successful and cohesive end-to-end solutions. We develop our business by leading with our area of competency is wireless communication infrastructure. Then we use our skills to tackle application problems in different vertical markets. This includes and use cases that include IoT, robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, AR/VR, smart cities, healthcare, utilities, retail, telematics, warehousing, energy, farming, automation, education, and others.

What clients say

“Ahmad worked for me for about a year and assisted in the deployment of our PCRF platform. His unparalleled attention to detail and willingness to do any task were instrumental in the success of the project.”
“His work on the front end development was key to that aspect of the overall success of the eCSFB program. This program changed the way voice calls are signaled to the CDMA phones, via the LTE radio channel.”
“He was the key player in many multivendor discussions where he was shaping the technical requirements, guiding the vendors while referring to the 3GPP specifications that he knows very well. He eventually wrote a standard grade technical specifications document that was used by different organizations within Sprint and its vendors as the CSFB reference.”

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